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Versuri Pandemonium war bells
- 1349

trimise de DuduDudu.

Black Sky
Dead sun

Cold orbit
Planet king.

Through the infinite halls of hell
The Pandemonium war bells chime.

The shadow point
Hell unleashed
Dark death.

Rotten stars
Suns collide
A dying world.

By the light of collapsing stars
The Pandemonium war bells chime
Hell, is reaping over paradise
Cutting golden chasms through nebular skies
Dead worlds fill my vision
Out from a starless void.

Like a slow eternal glacier
A million eons old
Rotting pulsars bring eternal night
The Pandemonium war bells chime.

Cataclysmic apocalypse rise

Crusading into damnation
Eons passing by as seconds
No night has ever been this black.

A ceaseless flow of darkness
Paint this world in black
Unravel us all into chaos
Rip the fabric of time and space.

Universal evil
Hell precedes this dawn
Planet carnivore
The raping of a dying world.

Cosmic anarchy
World incinerated
Nebular overlord
A testamental judgement
An unstoppable momentum
Devoid of sentiment
Through dark dead galaxies
Hell has been unleashed

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