Bad boy is back - versuri Sore feat Dorian |
Bad boy is back - versuri Sore feat Dorian |

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Versuri Sore feat Dorian - Bad boy is back

trimise de CopreanCoprean,
a contribuit şi Ioana1221.

Strofa Sore 1:
y salsa,
Todas mis chicas vengan para bailar,
Baby, this summer you'll be my lover,
I'll get you good like never thought I could.

Refren: (2x)
Bad Boy Is Back making me mad,
He likes to play and I like that,
Wanna react on the attack,
On the dancefloor I'll get you back.

Strofa Sore 2:
I'm stuck in this one way romance,
It all began when you saw me dancing, shaking,
My hips, my bootie like ice on fire,
You got your love that I'll always connect,
You gave me nights I'll never forget,
So are you ready? Ay dime, papi?

Strofa Dorian:
Baby girl got me mad now she's acting all crazy,
Cause she doesn't like when a rudeboy goes shady,
All them other shawtys never act like a lady,
I'll turn around baby girl, just let me.
She's bad, making me mad,
Throwing away all that we had,
Now say she's bad, making me mad,
Throwing away.

Refren: (2x)

Bridge: (2x)
Wake up, wake up! Show me what you got,
Baby, come out and play,
Ready or not? Show me what your got,
Baby, come out and play.

Refren: (2x)

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