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Versuri Sarah Connor - Is christmas in my heart

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Every time we say good-bye
There's something breakin' deep inside
I try to hide my feelings, to keep myself control
But somehow I can't deny
Was deep inside my soul
ooh, ooh
I've been always on the right
So many different places have been find
By like the river's always knows just where to flow
Now that we say it come
I feel like I'm in home, ooh,

Is Christmas in my heart, When I'm with you
No matter where we are, or what we do
Tomorrow maybe grey or maybe turn oppose
But if you stay tonihgt, is Christmas in my heart

I don't know how to stay alive
Without your touch, without you by my side
Just like the desert always waiting for the rain
Oh baby, I wish the wholy night will come again


Every where I go and everyone I know
Are making lots of wishes for 10 o'clock
But all I realy tonight
I for you to come and hold me tight
What is Christmas without you
Here by side
I need you tonight

Baby if you stay tonight for Christmas
You for feel all the wishes
If you stay tonight, is Christmas in my heart
Is Christmas in my heart!

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