Versuri Laurentiu Cazan - Say something
Versuri Laurentiu Cazan - Say something

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Versuri "Laurentiu Cazan - Say something"

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Say Something
music & lyrics: Laurentiu Cazan

This morning, has found me with my thoughts,
That didn't let me sleep the whole night.
I would have to go, somewhere, on other roads,
Because this road I took, I'm not so sure it's right.

Refrain :
Say something ! I wanna know what you feel !
'Cause you are driving my heart crazy !
Say something ! Won't you know what I feel ?
How long will you keep me so faraway ?

This morning, I began to understand,
That feelings can become so true.
I wanna be for you, more than just a friend.
More than the others, you call them friends, too.

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