Versuri Sasha Lopez feat Ale Blake & Broono - Lucky star
Versuri Sasha Lopez feat Ale Blake & Broono - Lucky star

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Versuri "Sasha Lopez feat Ale Blake & Broono - Lucky star"

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This goes at all the lovers in the world,
You gotta be showing me love,
Raise your hands with me.

Oh oh oh.

Strofa Broono & Ale Blake:
Would you wanna gimme some of your love?
Million kisses will be never enough,
Let me find a good reason to obey,
Would you gimme another chance baby?
Hold me and I'll always be right there,
You gotta promise you'd drive my tears away.

Strofa Ale Blake:
Wanna give, wanna give, wanna give a sweet somebody like you are?
Wanna be, wanna be, wanna be, wanna be, wanna be your lucky star?
Oh my, oh my, oh my, tonight you're such a lucky guy,
Cause I will give you my love eh, eh, eh.

Refren: (2x)
Show me, show me how you love me,
When you give it all this for me,
If love you will be a crime,
I wish tonight you'll be mine.

Shake your body, body,
Move your body, body.

Strofa Broono & Ale Blake:

Strofa Ale Blake:

Strofa Ale Blake 2:
To close to my heart by the end of the day,
Gotta show me you will boy gotta do what I say,
Surrender my heart till the end of the day,
Is it come-come my love then I will not run away.

Strofa Broono:
This love got me slow, slow, slow,
But my heart wanna lose control,
Baby girl let's go, just say it,
No, no, no, just don't let go,
Moving your body, oh, oh, oh,
Push it up, let's go, go, go,
Baby girl let's move, just play it,
Let's get down till I need more.

Refren: (2x)

Mïne, yeah eh,
Eh yeah eh,
Eh yeah eh,
Oh oh oh.

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