Versuri Emil Lassaria feat F. Charm - Guantanamera
Versuri Emil Lassaria feat F. Charm - Guantanamera

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Versuri "Emil Lassaria feat F. Charm - Guantanamera"

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Quedate, Quedate mi vida
Besame, besa tu querida
Quedate, Quedate mi vida
Ahora sienteme

She's knockin' on door dd door door
So fast she's a five ff five o
She drops the bomb bb bombo
So freakin hot
My gang goes dang dd dang dang
We pop them thangs tt thang thangs
In dirty slang ss slang slang
We got jackpot
Her a*s goes pum pp pum pum!
Just like a drum dd drum drum!
I asked her name nn name name!
She said Roxane!
Just broke the chain chch chain chain
She's on ma brain bb brain brain
I feel no pain pp pain pain
Just like a rock

Bridge :
Runnin on the beat like Speedy Gonzalez
Special delivery from the cannons
F. Charm, Emil La*saria on the front line while enemies still fighting for survival
Gunz of Navarone are ready to blow yo speakers off
Now get ready to rumble, drop ït.... booyaaa.

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