Versuri Thalia - A quien le importa? (english version)
Versuri Thalia - A quien le importa? (english version)

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Versuri "Thalia - A quien le importa? (english version)"

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all people talk about me
they point me whit their fingers
they talk behind my back but dont give f***k
what i can do if im different to all them
im from nobody i dont have no husband
i know that they dont like me
i can bet you that they hate me
they shady is too big
i dont know why it is
what it can be i know is not my fault
if i said something they start laughin
chorus a x1
myyyyy my way it is the one i wanna choose
the one i wanna take to live
chorus b x2
who care about what do i think
who care about what do i said
if im like tjis i will be like this
i will never change

maybe it is my fault cause i dont talke to no one
i think it is too late to change right know
whit all them
i will maintain free in all my convictions
i will reforse all my positïons

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